The Grid

Skeleton's base grid is a variation of the 960 grid system. The syntax is simple and it's effective cross browser, but the awesome part is that it also has the flexibility to go mobile like a champ.

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The typography of Skeleton is designed to create a strong hierarchy with basic styles. The primary font is the classic Helvetica Neue, but the font stack can be easily changed with just a couple adjustments. Regular paragraphs are set at a 14px base with 21px line height.

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Buttons are intended for action and thus should have appropriate weight. The standard button is given that weight with a little bit of depth and a strong hover.

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Some very simple tabs that have dead simple jQuery that hook them up to their corresponding content.

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Media Queries

Skeleton uses a lot of media queries to serve the scalable grid, but also for the convenience of styling your site on different size screens. Skeleton's media queries are almost exclusively targeted at max and min widths rather than device sizes or orientations.

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